Dr. Jason Held


Prior to founding Saber Astronautics, Dr. Held was a US Army Major for US Space Command and deployed internationally in support of military missions. He was a lead instructor at the Interservice Space Fundamentals Course and an engineer at Army Space and Missile Command Battle Lab. He conducted flight software for the Wide Field Camera 3 of the Hubble Space Telescope and testing for the International Space Station.

Dr. Held lectured for the IRS Space Station Design Workshop, University of New South Wales, and International Space University. He led a research expedition in the high Canadian Arctic and co-founded the University of Sydney space engineering laboratory, the Delta-V SpaceHub, and the Wolfpack Space Hub.

He currently is on advisory committees for space startups in the US and Australia, chairing many. The Australian government selected Dr Held for the “Expert Reference Group” to design their Space Agency. He also advised international think tanks Global Access Partners, NSI, and the Economist.

At Saber, Dr Held led the growth of the company from founding to 50+ staff members located in the USA and Australia. Key programs include the Responsive Space Operations Centre (RSOC) which develops the next generation spacecraft control, and machine learning diagnostics for spacecraft. Saber now sells operations services and products to both US and Australian DoD, NASA, the Australian Space Agency, and a growing list of commercial flight customers worldwide.

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ABN: 97 643 211 401   |   DUNS: 748382072   |   NCAGE: Z1AB7
ABN: 97 643 211 401   |   DUNS: 748382072   |   NCAGE: Z1AB7