Can I order these spacesuits?
Yes. The suits will be made commercially available soon. Keep watching this space for updates on our product launches and available options.
Can I buy components of these suits?
Components, upgrades, and maintenance services are offered to clients working on our products.
Why are there 3 suit variants?
Astronaut training experience spans months if not years and many environments are used as analogues for training. The purpose of having suit variants customised for the environment is to make the specific environment experience accessible to more people and open training avenues for wider target groups.
Are the suits certified?
Suit certifications are based on the end use case and environment. Based on the suit variant and environment, the certifications and regulatory compliances may vary. More information on our certification and compliance are to be updated on our website soon.
I am not an Astronaut or space tech professional; can I still use these suits?
Absolutely. One of the core areas of focus for us is to make the astronaut & spacesuit experience accessible to people from all walks of life. Stay tuned for more information on this.
Do I need to purchase the software with the suit?
Our proprietary software acts as a central data system for performance inside the suit. We cover many metrics related to the suit wearer and the suit data itself. The custom software helps the user dive deeper into these data sets and experience simulations prior to getting inside the suit for their unique body proportions. Software is where you create a digital twin of your suit.
Can I invest in Metakosmos?

Thank you for your interest in investing. Please reach out to us at for more information.

ABN: 97 643 211 401   |   DUNS: 748382072   |   NCAGE: Z1AB7
ABN: 97 643 211 401   |   DUNS: 748382072   |   NCAGE: Z1AB7