A leader in bioastronautics AND spacesuit technology.

99.999% of the people have never been to space. Metakosmos is about to change that by creating accessible & innovative spacesuit platforms that reduce barriers to human spaceflight training and operations.

The Kosmosuit our flagship product is the cornerstone of technologically advanced spacesuits of the future. With embedded advanced biosensors and biomechanics, our unique spacesuit platform has allowed us to design suit variants be used in a multitude of terrains and biomes.


Key Personnel

Kiriti Rambhatla

Founder, CEO & CTO

Kiriti is an emerging technologies & innovation specialist. He is the architect of Kosmosuit, the next generation spacesuit technology.

Renuka Rambhatla

Co-Founder & Chief Compliance Officer

Renuka’s focus is on regulatory compliance at the company, working to align projects with aerospace, medical and quality management standards.


Dr. Jason Held

Prior to founding Saber Astronautics, Dr. Held was a US Army Major for US Space Command and deployed internationally in support of military missions.

Lance Chia

Lance has over 40 years of experience and is currently Director, Investment and Innovation at the Liverpool Innovation Precinct.

Dr. Rowena Christiansen

Dr. Christiansen is the first Australian to serve as an AsMA Vice-President, is the Founder of the ad astra vita project, and Co-Founder of the International Humans in Space Summit.

Project Consultants

Jon Bradshaw

Jon was the recipient of the prestigious 2019 Institute of Engineering & Technology ‘Jack Finlay Medal’ for his contribution to the Manufacturing Industry.

Dr. Gregor Ferguson

Greg is a defence industry and innovation analyst and consultant who has made a considerable contribution in Australia’s new and welcoming defence business environment.

Nigel Hennessey

Nigel is a professional company director specialising in digital transformation, governance, commercialisation and marketing data analytics.

Benjamin Peters

Benjamin Peters worked at NASA's Johnson Space Center from 2014-2019 focusing on the development of next generation pressure suit systems for exploration missions.

Dr. Ryan Kobrick

Dr. Ryan L. Kobrick’s career portfolio has included over 20 years dedicated to the pursuit of human spaceflight with work experiences in government, academia, industry, and non-profits.

Awards & Recognitions

Australian Space Awards

Rising Star of the Year - SME - Finalist 2024

Australian Space Awards

Innovator of the Year - Finalist 2024

Australian Space Awards

Company Research Team of the Year - Finalist 2024

Australian Space Awards

Engineering Business of the Year - Finalist 2024

Australian Space Awards

Engineer of the Year - Finalist 2024

Australian Space Awards

Female Space Leader of the Year - SME - Finalist 2024

Innovation Pitchfest

Finalist 2022

Australian Space Awards

Start-up of the year - Finalist 2023

Australian Space Awards

Innovator of the year - Finalist 2023


Innovation Award 2023

Australian Technologies Competition

Finalist 2023


Winner - Space Category - Sydney 2023

Programs and Partners



ABN: 97 643 211 401   |   DUNS: 748382072   |   NCAGE: Z1AB7
ABN: 97 643 211 401   |   DUNS: 748382072   |   NCAGE: Z1AB7