Dr. Gregor Ferguson

Project Consultant

Gregor is a defence industry and innovation analyst and consultant who has made a considerable contribution in Australia’s new and welcoming defence business environment. Gregor has worked in the defence industry and media for more than 30 years, most notably as editor and editor at large of Australian Defence Magazine (1998-2011).

He is a former Chair of the SADIG Innovation Sub-Committee and on a part-time basis is the Executive Manager, Innovation and Industry Engagement at AMDA Foundation, which organises the Avalon Air Show, Pacific International Maritime Expo and Land Forces Expo. Since 2012 he has run the Innovation Program at each of these events.

Gregor’s doctoral thesis studied the factors which enable or prevent successful product innovation by Australian defence companies. This is an area of growing importance to which he brings his own knowledge and nearly 30 years’ experience of defence acquisition, defence R&D and defence industry in Australia.

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ABN: 97 643 211 401   |   DUNS: 748382072   |   NCAGE: Z1AB7
ABN: 97 643 211 401   |   DUNS: 748382072   |   NCAGE: Z1AB7