Advancing space-related technology.


Changing the way spacesuit components are designed, built, tested and used.

Metakosmos is focused on vertically integrating key enabling technologies including spacesuit design, production, biomechanical data generation, and connected software to revolutionise spacesuit accessibility and usage.


The Tech Trifecta.

Our technology is at the intersection of cutting-edge research from multiple disciplines.

Materials and Fabrics

Novel fabrics and materials used which are resistant to extreme conditions.

Biomechanics and Biosensors

Flexible sensors & advanced micro-electromechanical systems.

Electro-mechanical systems

Biomechanics, Digital Twins & Artificial Intelligence.


Embedded suit avionics for a data-driven experience.

Injury Protection
Temperature Regulation
Biomarker Tracking


"If anything would have gone wrong with that bolt, the mission would be over."

Astronauts depend a lot on the equipment they carry with them during a space mission. We design tools that are specially created for use in space — resistant to extreme temperatures, and easy to use while wearing gloves.


Overcoming design challenges.

Spacesuits are much more than a set of clothes that astronauts wear. Designing them both for functionality and comfort is our primary goal.

Kosmosuit Studio

Create a digital suit. train, analyse and simulate your performance.

Craft a personalised experience by simulating your performance in various environments through a digital astronaut twin. Gain insights of your unique performance and biomechanics, inside a spacesuit, through our software application.

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Made by Vertex Design.
© 2024 Vyom Tech Pty Ltd.
ABN:97 643 211 401   |   DUNS: 748382072   |   NCAGE: Z1AB7
Made by Vertex Design.
ABN: 97 643 211 401   |   DUNS: 748382072   |   NCAGE: Z1AB7
ABN: 97 643 211 401   |   DUNS: 748382072   |   NCAGE: Z1AB7